Confirmed: Benefit Hoola Lite is THE perfect bronzer for 'typical' Irish skin

The original Hoola is a makeup bag staple, but Hoola Lite may outperform in Ireland...

We have come on leaps and bounds when it comes to applying our makeup. We all remember to blend in at our jawline. We get that brows need filling in. And now, bronzer has a new job as a facial contouring essential.

When you're contouring the face, there are a few things to take into account. Firstly, consider whether the bronzer in question is matte or semi matte. Don't get me wrong, shiny bronzers have their place, but they are not for definition and should be used on the high planes of your face when the sun hits you, and not for structure.

The second thing to keep in mind is the colour tone. I can't tell you how many times I walk past people in the street or even women on makeup counters who have chosen the wrong tone contour and highlight colour. They literally look like they have a dirty stripe down their faces and a grey highlight on their cheek bones. This is all down incorrect choice of colour tone for their skin tone - a common beauty dilemma that can be easily solved.


Benefit Hoola Lite €34

Which brings me to Hoola Lite. Although I'm a fan of the regular Hoola, the colour can be slightly dark for fair skin tones. The warm tone in it is great if you're naturally tanned or are a fake tan wearer, but for us pasty Irish types, it's just that tad too dark for daytime use.

Top swatch, Hoola Lite / Bottom swatch, Hoola original

The new "Lite" version is the perfect colour for anyone whose skin is on the fair side. Usually, with light colours, I find they can be a bit cool in tone. But Benefit has cracked it with this one. The powder is finely milled and goes on seamlessly making it the perfect addition to the pale gal's beauty routine.



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