Our Beauty Ed's product of the week will suit everyone

Every week I have the pleasure of choosing a product that stood out to me during the week. It could be an oldie, it could be a new release, but it will definitely be a goodie.

Maybe it's because we're all getting a bit tired of shimmer in eyeshadows, but this week the product that I've been raving about is this versatile, flattering eyeshadow palette.

  • Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One €34.99




This palette is actually one of my favourite palettes to date, and that is saying a lot considering the recent releases of so many great eyeshadow palettes.

The reason why I think it's so good is that the colours are mainly matte and all are exceptionally wearable and complementary to most eye colours. There is also a great variety of transition colours, not to mention an amazing double-sided eyeshadow brush, which is perfect for blending.

As far as palettes go, what more could you want? That's a serious question, guys, answer in the comments!

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