Products of Yore - Clinic Shampoo

clinic shampoo - shudder

Remember Clinic (the shampoo, not the band - they're still going)? An unlikely toilet cleaner blue, with a smell to match? Though I must admit that I liked the smell of it, as it so happened.

It was a tad ... harsh, let me say. So harsh in fact, that people used to recommend it for stripping out unwanted colour - now, that's not what I want from my shampoo. My paint thinner, yes - something I put on my hair, nuuu-uuuh.

Thank God then that it's a thing of the past so.


Or is it?

NO! I saw it this morning in the Centra near work and you could have blown me down with a feather - I was amazed! I thought new EU rulings on safe cosmetics would have forced this stuff down the dumper, but evidently not. So ladies and gents, if you fancy it, you can buy Clinic in a local Centra near you.

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