Pure tea tree oil: Pure useless as a spot buster

tea tree

Tea tree oil is found in loads of spot treatments, is a natural antiseptic, and loads of people swear by it as a fantastic spot buster.

Me, well, I'm more likely to swear at it than by it, and I'll tell you why. The stuff stinks to the high heavens and, more often than not, it stings like a mo' fo' when applied.

Worst of all, it has never once managed to improve the condition of a blemish that I treated with it.


I use it neat per the instructions, dabbing it on with a clean cotton bud, and it's fair to say that it's been tested on all kinds of spots and pimples at all stages of their evolution and devolution. Hand on heart, I don't feel that tea tree oil's ever made a blind bit of difference to any of them. Le sigh.

Where it's of some use to me is post-squeeze, to help to prevent any chance of spots spreading, so I'll keep my bottle around for that alone.

Am I alone in failing to understand the hype that surrounds tea tree oil?

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