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I dyed my hair all by myself at Christmastime. I discovered I really needed to after one time when I was brushing my hair and looking in the mirror at the same time (a rare occurrence) and I had my contact lenses in and I spotted a flash of white. At first I thought it was blonde and my natural highlights were shining through but then I remembered it was the dead of winter and my hair hadn't seen sunlight in months. 

It was white. A whole flurry of coarse, ghostly strands of hair. There was no way I could leave my headmop in that condition - I highly doubt that I'm one of those lucky people who look cool with streaks of grey. 

beautiful young woman dyeing hairs

I can't afford to get my hair done by a pro - I barely manage to get a trim once a year - so it was to Boots with me. But what to choose? I wasn't thinking about fashion or style at the time, my mind was solely focused on matching those whites to my own hair colour for the Christmas season, so I picked up a cheapo 6-8 washes in boring old medium-brown. Can't even remember which brand.


Those 6-8 washes are long gone and I'm rediscovering those Gandalf the Greys. This time I'm looking for a longer term solution that doesn't involve bleach or a trip to the salon. 

Do you use DIY hair dyes? Do you have a brand that you are loyal to? Any that we should boycott? Have you any tricks on how to get the best results out of your favourite home hair dye? Let's Rate It!


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