Rate It! Your Favourite Highlighting Concealer

Have you noticed your concealer collection growing and growing before your very eyes? We have more concealers in our (jumbo) makeup bag than nude eyeshadow palettes.

There was a time when one concealer would fit all but now, we have one that's slightly darker than our skin tone the other one is a shade lighter. We have one for layering over particularly hideous blemishes and and another for covering up the red. We have a concealer that matches our foundation exactly for layering over it. 

We have a concealer for under eyes and (finally) we have a one for highlighting and brightening that we apply in a V-shape under our eyes (and occasionally along the centre of our snouts and just above the cupid's bow.) That's the one we want to discuss.

Well, what do you use? What has been the most effective highlighting concealer for you? Do you use the same concealer that has highlighting properties for areas other than want they're aimed for? Have you tried the mother of all highlighting concealers, YSL Touch Éclat, and if so what do you think? Let's get rating!


Also, do you think we might need a concealer purge?

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