Real Techniques new Multi-Tech collection is designed to break the rules

Real Techniques new Multi-Tech collection is designed to break the rules. Time to experiment, play and create whatever looks you like.

Everyone who loves make-up has at least one Real Techniques brush in their collection. It's a right of passage at this stage. And if you're like us, then you have loads of them, from the luxe Bold Metals to the originals. Actually, before we go one - did you ever notice that they feature colour coding? Yep, orange is for creating a perfect base, the purple for eyes and the pink for finishing touches (like blusher).

Real Techniques

But enough about the previous collections, let's talk about the new one. The Real Techniques Multi-Tech Collection is all about getting creative with your makeup application. None of the brushes have a name as such, but instead are named after their size. The reason? Because Sam & Nic (the beauty and brains behind RT) wanted to create brushes that could be used for anything. Basically, it's a do-it-your-way kinda vibe.

Real Techniques Multi-Tech

There are seven brushes in the collection and a new Multi-Tech sponge.  The smaller brushes come in the Small Points Set (€26.99), and then the bigger brushes are sold individually:

  • Point L Brush €14.99
  • Point XL Brush €15.99
  • Point XXXL €16.99

In terms of feel, these are probably our favourite RT brushes ever. They're easy to use and incredibly versatile. The Point L brush for example works equally as well for buffing foundation as it does for applying bronzer, highlighter etc. While the smaller brushes can be used for anything from smudging eye shadow to applying lipstick. So we guess the only question is - how would you use them?

Real Techniques Multi=Tech

The new Real Techniques Multi-Tech brushes are available now in Shaws Department stores and pharmacies nationwide.

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