Red Rules 10: Hurray! There ARE no Rules!

red lips

One of the the things Mac's pros impressed upon us at last week's masterclass was that there really are no trends as such in makeup now, and then they proceeded to tell us all about four new ones. I had an inward smile at that but hey, we all love a bit of a seasonal insight into what's hot - or not - and as it's autumn, sure as anything red lips are back.

Oh, but of course.

The small difference this year is that echoing Mac's sentiments that trends have fluid borders these days, we're not being entreated to use just one shade or texture. Previous seasons have seen the promotion of, say, a matte tomato red into the beauty Premiership, with all other reds and finishes downgraded to the Championship, where they'll stay until they get promoted again.


Yeah, there is a football programme on in the background as I'm typing this.

So, back to beauty. Prompted by what came down the couture and ready-to-wear catwalks for AW10, the lesson here is that anything goes: matte, glossy, satin; tomato, burgundy, berry and pillarbox. Wear what you like and what suits you, and of course there are some new-season lovelies worth checking out. Chanel, Mac and Bourjois have all taken the trouble to whip up a few new colours and I'll be telling you about them - and a few more, this week.

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