Red Rules: Nubar Cabaret Red

nubar cabaret red

"Laydeeeeee in Reeddddddddddd", gurgled ma and da pleaser Chrisde Burke back in the mists of time, thus fixing in every Irish girl's mind that red, it is a bit of a sexy auld shade. A Patricia the Stripper shade, even.

So while I've had this bottle of Nubar Cabaret Red (a part of the recent Risque Reds collection) lurking for a while, I haven't used it. Red's more a winter shade in my mind, and I'm firmly in that pastel/coral polish groove seeings it's the 'summer'.


I put it on the other day though to take a snap of that Beyonce Heat fragrance ring (I don't normally condone matchy matchy but hey, inspiration was lacking) and was immediately taken with it. Firstly, the formulation of this polish is just gorgeous - in Goldilocks and the three bears parlance, it's neither too thick or too thin. It's just right: brushing on easily, there's no clagging or clogging, no brush strokes and it dries really quickly, allowing you to layer on coats quickly. One will do with this, but two is better.

Then there's the shade itself  - it's a shimmering red that's just luscious-looking, delivering a metallic, high shine. LOVE IT.

Nubar polishes have been a bit in-and-out in Ireland: first the brand was salon-only, then it went into selected pharmacies and now it's coming back out of pharmacy, and into salons again. Phew. So I've no dedicated stockist info at the moment, but you can of course buy online. Here, they cost around €9.50 a bottle.

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