Review: This Juliette Armand mask is the perfect TV face mask

A bubbling, fun, foaming facial mask is all the rage at the moment, but why exactly and what is so great about them?

The Juliette Armand oxygen foaming mask is all of the above-fun, foamy, bubbling cleanliness. The science behind it says that it transfers the air's free oxygen into the skin. Its main active ingredient is Gransil which is a non-sticky moisturising agent. So, in short, it hydrates and oxygenates your face.

foaming facial mask

I love it as a double cleansing step because it leaves you feeling super cleansed. My skin was so smooth, so hydrated and looked brighter. It plumps out your skin and makes fine lines appear less deep. The bubbling sensation is pleasant. It's my favourite thing about this mask - that it's quite enjoyable to put on. You keep it on for as long as the gel is bubbling. Once the bubbles disappear, you can remove it with damp cotton pads and reveal your shiny new skin.

Juliette Armand


Juliette Armand oxygen foaming mask

Elements Oxygen Foaming Mask €39

Overall, this foaming mask is pleasant to use so you don't have an annoying 10-minute wait to remove it. It gives your skin a deep cleanse and is quite anti-ageing and I think it's worth the price-tag because you're going to get a good few uses from it. I like to call this a 'TV face mask' because you can take off your makeup, apply the mask and just bring your two damp cotton pads with you to remove it when it stops foaming. Really handy and really enjoyable.

What's your all time favourite face mask?

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