Disappearing Act: Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen

revlon makeup eraser

Lurking dustily at the back of the Revlon display unit in the chemist* I espied this little gem.

"Quickly and precisely removes makeup smudges and smears in one simple step. Designed for portable perfection and touch ups on the go"

I could do with this, I thought. For I admit that when I'm putting on makeup I'm prone to a mistake or three. Eyeliner and mascara mistakes especially, which are a total pain in the ass because they can necessitate the redoing of an entire eye. Wonky liquid liner is my speciality. One eye can become Amy Winehouse-esque as I try to fix wobbly lines - and it's not a good look on me.


Oh and lipstick. Lipstick way outside the lines - that's another one I do.

This makeup remover pen remover  takes away little errors really quickly and easily.  The nib is saturated with remover and reminds me of nail correcter pens - and works in just the same way.  I don't know how long it will last before becoming blackened beyond repair with mascara, but at the moment I'm liking its ways a lot.

*forgive me, I picked this up with a whole load of stuff and didn't take a note of the price. But it can't have been too dear as I don't remember gasping in shock or anything. A few euro I'd say.

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