Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick: High End Indulgence For A Low End Price: We're Liking This Lip Hug

The new and improved Moisture Renew Lipstick range from Rimmel has me rather excited. All feels right with the world when a pharmacy brand releases a range to rival its high-end counterparts. This one really does.

There are thirteen gloriously pigmented shades in the range. The lipstick is scented, but I utterly love the rich, heady scent. It doesn't taste bad either if you happen to (accidentally) eat some. So worry not! It's not a snack food, though, so eating it by the bullet is probably not recommended.


It is a pharmacy range, so there are a couple of dodgy pearlised finishes in there, as you might expect. However some of the shades are unusually innovative - Rimmel have clearly been doing their homework, and it shows. I have all thirteen colours to show you here. The three red shades are particularly impressive.


The finish is very highly pigmented and offers a sheeny lustre that you'd associate with seriously expensive lipstick. The staying power is great, they don't feel heavy, claggy or sticky on the lips. They're also enriched with vitamins A, C and E to keep your lips in nice fettle.


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This lipstick's previous incarnation left lips feeling a little dry after a while, but after extensive wear, I find that this version doesn't dry out your lips at all.

Rimmel describe it as a hug for your lips, and it does offer an indulgence that seems more usual in a high-end lipstick . At €7.99, I'll take that thank you very much.

Have you tried these? And do you think there's a shade in there for you?

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