Why sandbagging is the new must try makeup technique

"Strobing," contouring", and "baking" are all makeup terms that have hit the public lexicon over the last few years, and just when you thought you were up to date on all the beauty expressions, "sandbagging" appears.

But what is it you might ask? This technique, created by none other than Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, is basically just setting your makeup or concealer around your eyes or around your lips.




I'm sure you have heard of the makeup tip where you put LOADS of powder under your eyes before doing your eye makeup to eliminate eyeshadow fall out? If not, to briefly explain, when you apply a lot of loose powder to the under eye area before a smokey eye or dark makeup in general, any shadow fallout will fall on to the loose powder and can be easily wiped away without leaving dark makeup residue.

Anyway, this is the same type of idea. You apply loose powder with a sponge to your under eye area, all the way up to the lower lash line, and since sandbags are put down to prevent flooding, the same thing can be said of sandbagging. It prevents your eye makeup from running, leaking or smudging. Same idea for around the lip area.

While your powder is on, the idea is to finish the rest of your makeup. During this process, the oil on your skin will absorb the powder, and then when you're finished your makeup you simply dust off the remainder of the powder.

Are you going to give this a go at home? Or do you think it's just another adaptation or label for an already tried and tested makeup technique?

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