The makeup secret to looking like you've made an effort

When you need to get ready quickly but you want to look like you've made an effort, this quick makeup look is a fail-safe.

When you don't have time to spend buffing and blending your eye makeup to perfection, a bold lip colour is the next best thing. A bold lip still needs a little effort and precision but it only takes a fraction of the time it takes to do a smoky eye. It's important to perfect your bold lip. There's nothing worse than a bleeding lip or smudged lipstick to turn your makeup look from sophisticated vintage to fancy dress.

We recommend you equip your handbag with a lip primer, lip pencil and two or three bright coloured lipsticks. Lip primer will stop bleeding, feathering and smudging. It will act like a velcro for your lipstick keeping it on for longer and giving you a smooth surface for application. If you use primer, your lip pencil and lipstick will glide across your lips instead of dragging and giving you a puckered outline.

We also suggest using a lip pencil and colouring in your whole lip with it to intensify the colour and make it last longer. Keep it sharp to give you a clean edge. To rock this look all you need is good coverage on your skin with well-applied foundation and some mascara.


The ultimate trio: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Hollywood Honey €22, Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red €32, Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Lip Primer Pencil €17.95

You don't have to use red lipstick, if you aren't comfortable wearing red try a plum or a pink or even purple.

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