This will make your tan look ten times better

At this time of year, a shimmering body lotion will make your darker skin tone look gorgeous.

At this time of year, most of us have spent some time in the sunshine. Pretty much everyone has a bit of a tan going on even if it's just in the form of a few extra freckles. It's generally the time of year that everybody is at their darkest. I have pretty much stopped wearing fake tan altogether in favour of bringing up my natural skintone with a shimmering body lotion.

shimmering body lotion

When you have a tan, applying body lotion will instantly make it appear darker. Dry skin on the surface of your skin will give you a whitish looking finish. Once you apply a hydrating lotion, that dry skin is nourished and disappears. But what's even better than just applying body lotion is applying a shimmering body lotion.

A little shimmer just makes your skin look better. It gives it a golden glow and makes it look healthier and sexier. Shimmer can slim down your limbs by catching the light and creating a sheen. In general, body shimmer is a great addition to any little black (or any colour) evening dress.



payot-elixir-shimmering body lotion

Payot Elixer Shimmering Body Lotion €38

This is a gorgeous light body lotion with a gold shimmer through it. The shimmer particles are medium sized, so you can see them when the light catches them. The warm golden particles make this ideal for a tanned skin. It's a light lotion, so it absorbs well and quickly into your skin.


L'occitane cherry blossom shimmering body lotion

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom shimmering body lotion €27

This one has a light but strong scent of cherry blossom. It's the kind of body lotion that people can smell on you. It has a really fine shimmer through it but catches the light beautifully. This is ideal for wearing on your arms and legs in the sunshine.

Victoria's Secret

pink all a dream shimmering body lotion

Pink All A Dream Shimmer Body Mist €17.80

This one isn't technically a lotion, but you can spritz it over any body lotion to give you an all over body shimmer. It smells incredible and delicious. This is great if you want the shimmer to be noticeable because the particles are medium to large for a body shimmer.

Do you love glitter or avoid shimmery things at all costs?

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