Simple Ways To Be More Sustainable This Christmas Season

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for sustainability so here are some simple, easy ways to make your Christmas more sustainable this year.


Use recyclable wrapping paper or bags

Be More Sustainable This Christmas

Foil or glitter decorated wrapping paper can't be recycled so simply making the switch to paper-made wrapping paper or using brown paper is a small but great way to make your Christmas more sustainable.

Instead of buying labels for gifts, cut up old or unused Christmas cards and if you receive any gifts in a gift bag keep them as they can be used again.



Be mindful of food waste

Be More Sustainable This Christmas

During the festive season, many of us have the tendency to stock up on food but often we end up buying too much and it goes to waste.

This year, try to be more mindful of what you're buying during your food shop. Do you really need 4 litres of milk if the shops will only be closed for a day?

Don't overload your plate with Christmas dinner if you don't think you will finish it all as what you don't eat will just be thrown in the bin.

If you make too much food, keep it for tomorrow rather than throwing it out.


Recycle packaging from Christmas presents properly

Be More Sustainable This Christmas

We all know that opening presents on Christmas day creates a giant mess of ripped wrapping paper and packaging.


The easiest way to clean is to just put it in the general waste but this year why not take a few more minutes to sort the rubbish.

You'd be surprised by the amount of packaging that can actually be recycled. If you're not clear on what can and cannot be recycled, has all the answers.


Use reusable shopping bags

Be More Sustainable This Christmas

This is an easy one that many of you are probably doing already but when doing the big Christmas food shop, make sure to bring reusable shopping bags.

You should also consider bringing reusable shopping bags when you're out buying Christmas gifts or outfits.

Although many of the bags you get from shops are made from paper they're not very durable so bringing a few good quality bags will make shopping that bit easier too.



Buy your Christmas outfits in a charity or thrift shop

Be More Sustainable This Christmas

Many high street shops are trying to be more sustainable but there's still a long way to go and fast fashion has a significantly negative impact on the environment.

There are lots of amazing thrift and charity shops around now so if you give yourself the time to look, you might just find a gem of an outfit for a fraction of the normal price.

Who says you even need to buy a new outfit? You could borrow from friends or family (with their permission of course!) or make do with what you already own.

There's nothing wrong with wearing an outfit more than once you know.




Do you have any more tips for being more sustainable this Christmas? 

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