Smashbox Camera Ready BB Creme: 5 in 1 Miracle Perfector only gets 2/5

Undeterred by my trying of about a million BB Creams and only finding one or two I actually liked and thought were decent, I still can't stop.

There must be one for me. There's gazillions of them.  Every brand has at least one.  Passing a Smashbox stand I gravitated towards the BBs and while I was examining them the sales girl swooped.  So lovely was she and so nice to spend time with me choosing the right shade and showing me other makeuppy delights, that I decided to buy it.

Billed as a 5 in 1 "miracle worker" it apparently has a built in primer, both moisturises AND controls oil (no mean feat), an SPF 35 (excellent) and of course perfects your complexion.  So really it's trying to be all things to all people.  It comes in four shades.

Up we went to the til, me clutching the sample she'd given me.  "You're going for the smaller size?"

"Yes" I agreed and used a Larry Gogan phrase.  "To make sure it suits me".

She rang it up, I handed over the moola and she popped the BB Creme in a teeny bag


A row erupted between Kissy Kitten and Cosmo Cat approx I second later, spilling the whole mug of tay

A row erupted between Kissy Kitten and Cosmo Cat approx I second later, spilling the whole mug of tay

That was when I realised that what I had taken to be the sample WAS the actual product.  It cost 17 eurobucks (but there's no issue here with Sterling conversion: it's pretty much the same price in the UK - Smashbox are good like that).

It's TINY.  I took a picture of the tube alongside a Sally Hansen because I reckoned most of you could easily equate the size then (the SH is 14.7ml so it's only slightly less product).

Well I thought, when I left the shop.  You're a right eejit.  It was totally my mistake. But STILL.


And now I better tell you what I thought of the BB Creme.  After all that I didn't like it.  It felt greasy and looked shiny and the coverage is patchy.  I liked the fact that it had the built in SPF but if you're looking for high SPF in a BB go for the Kiehl's BB - it's really good.

Has anyone else tried this?  How did you get on?

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