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We're a bit nervous about calling it, but we think summer is properly here. We've even posted an article showcasing an array of summer frocks for you to frolic freely in. We're also reviewing the best alphabet creams available, while Una Foden exhibits an array of lovely bikinis on her holliers. We'll be going wild and having a BBQ next!

Speaking of parties, do you fancy coming to the party of the summer? A course you do!

1. A Benefit & Bulletin
Get your tickets to the Party of the Summer!

2. Pics: Wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and HRH Princess Sofia
We love a good wedding, we do. We even wear a fancy hat when viewing galleries, and everthing.

3. The opening of Cathedral bar and Restaurant in Maynooth
New venue alert!

4. Pics: Tommy Bowe Is Officially Off The Market!
Last weekend's wedding looked lovely, as did bride Lucy.


5. Pics: Looks Like Ben and Una Foden Are Having a Fine Time in France
Handy one if you find yourself shopping for bikinis this weekend

6. Setting Sprays!
We've got three of the best

7. Great Lengths Apps Hair Extension

8. Best of the Alphabet Creams
CC or BB?


9. Summer Dresses to Suit Your Body Shape
It's time to get your float on in a summer guna


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