Snap-on Smile - a bridge too far?

ugly teeth

Fancy a lump of plastic to simply snap on over your existing ugly teeth?

Course you do! Just like say, clip on hair extensions, or stick on nails, you can get the look with these click into place gnashers. The plastic moulds that form a Snap-on Smile are modeled on the most admired celebrity smiles. Making it tres handy to select a mouthful of teeth a la Halle or Gwyneth for example.

A couple of drawbacks. Unlike veneers these are strictly temporary and kind of necessary teeth tasks (like eh, eating) are nigh on impossible with them in. They adhere to the teeth without any adhesive - which might greatly increase the possibility of them dropping out into your drink I'd say. And if you did pull someone - you'd have to take off your teeth before any kissing could occur. And after that no kissing would probably occur.


Costing between US$1000 and $3000, they're marketed as a substitute for veneers for the cash strapped.

And brain cell strapped too I'd say.

I haven't heard that these are available in Ireland. The words cold day and hell spring to mind. Maybe I'm wrong - tell me what you think!

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