The best skincare products changing the game in 2019

It's that time of year again - time to make your new skincare resolutions. So what will we be changing in our skincare in 2019?

Skincare is a vast topic and there are so many opinions on what's great and what's not so great. The modern approach to choosing your skincare is to choose skincare that can actually change your skin. By that I mean skincare that will change cells, skincare that can change and enhance the appearance of your skin long term, not just a cream that sits on your skin and momentarily makes it look hydrated. You need working ingredients that will brighten, smooth, hydrate, plump, exfoliate and actually change your skin over time. Cosmeceuticals and natural organic products are dominating the market and that's going to continue into 2019. Here are some of the main game-changers to consider within your resolutions for skincare in 2019.

skincare in 2019


We're going to break it down into three simple skincare tips to remember this year in your skincare routine. The buzz topics in skincare are acids, boosters and moving on from K-beauty now we're following J-Beauty. Last year Korean beauty was leading the way in the cosmetics industry. With the Koreans leading by fine example we caught on and started following their trends. This year the spotlight is on Japanese beauty trends. The Japanese have a healthy obsession with skincare. They wear minimal makeup and they have the shiniest, healthiest hair going. The rest of the world has noticed their close-to-perfect appearance so we want some of what they're having. Keep an eye out for anything J-beauty inspired. It's bound to steer you in the right direction.



Acids are the way forward in skin brightening and exfoliation. Microbeads are a thing of the past and you should probably bin anything you own containing the earth-destroying, fish-killing, skin-damaging particles. Acids are much more beneficial for your skin. Surprisingly, acids are a more gentle method of exfoliation than scrubbing away at the top layer of your skin to remove dead skin. They penetrate much deeper into your skin to give you a more effective exfoliation. Get yourself a great Glycolic Acid or Tranexamic Acid to get in on this trend.


Boosters come in a few different forms. They can be serums or ampoules that you use in conjunction with the rest of your skincare. They are usually highly concentrated in vitamins or other skin-boosting ingredients. If you're not already using a great skin-boosting serum you need to get one. They are positively skin-changing and will have more of an effect on your skin than any moisturising cream ever can.

Will you be adopting a new skincare routine in 2019?

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