SS11: Fake Tan's OUT But Skin Finishing is IN

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I think we've all realised at this point that the fake tan flotilla has hauled anchor and chugged away, taking its stinky cargo with it. Anecdotally, brands are admitting that in Ireland, sales of sunless wonders have flatlined and we know from your comments that lots of you just ain't feeling it any more. The smell, the mess and the commitment are quite simply too much for lots of us these days.

A lot like living with a man, really. I jest! I jest!

Oh sure, there are still lots of girls worshiping at the altar of DHA, but the cult-like devotion to faking it has very definitely gone by the wayside.

One thing that hasn't changed though is the Irish tendency towards pasty, splodgey skin. It's one of the main reasons fake tan found such a foothold here in the first place, and our desire to lay a little something over those keratosis pilaris-bound upper arms still holds firm. We still want a product to smooth out the edges a little; that'll give a bit of a bronzed glow or a shimmer; which gently masks skintone but doesn't Tango it.  Most importantly, we're done with developing time, excessive prep and a horrible days-long fading process.

Say hello to the new skin finishing trend. This isn't fashion-led or a fad fabricated by a bored beauty editor, but actually represents a sea change amongst women themselves in what they're choosing to buy. Passing on a deep, unnatural looking result, Irish gals are starting to plump for something with an instant, commitment-free finish that's so much lighter and which they can wash off again at the end of the evening.


skin finishing products

The brands who've already cottoned onto this are making a killing. Rimmel's Sunshimmer Maxi Instant Tan is apparently selling like hotcakes: cheap, plentiful (it comes in a 250ml pump), it's the ideal solution for someone who wants some colour quickly.  So, what else is out there?  We've already looked at the options for pale gals - Mac Face and Body has long been the hero for skin-finishing fans - and there's plenty more where those came from.

Gosh and St Tropez have just unveiled wash off tints too and we can only expect more to join the fray for wedding-slash-shoulders-baring-season and summer 2011. Right now, here's what else has caught my eye:

  1. Part of Trish McEvoy's summer lineup, this is All Over Body Bronzer, approx €50.  Moisturising, fast drying and transfer-resistant, it'll wash off at the end of the day too
  2. The aforementioned Rimmel Sunshimmer Maxi Instant Tan, €11.90. Great for instant colour, it's not quite so amazing at staying where it's put - so don't wear this one with your wedding dress, eh?
  3. St Tropez is clearly feeling the heat of the shift away from developing-style tan. This new launch is - surprise surprise! - a wash off that promises a deep bronzed result. €17.40's the damage for Instant Glow Wash Off Body Lotion
  4. Pretty much the entire Tess Daly line for Marks and Spencer was created with skin finishing in mind. This is Daly Light, €13, and while it's for use on the face, it will also work on arms and chest for someone who just can't be doing with anything bronzed at all. You could try mixing it with a bit of Mac Face and Body for coverage and shimmer
  5. And another Tess Daly product: Daly Body Sheen, €20, is a sheer highlighter for use on the body. You won't get coverage with this one but you will get a shimmering, dewy glow that'll work well with smooth, clear skin
  6. We took a look at Gosh's Instant Tan Gel, €9.99, on Monday. Available in two shades, light and medium, it costs €9.99 and is a lightweight bronze gel that blends really well, leaving just a hint of colour
  7. Part of Illamasqua's Body Electrics line, this is Illumine Oil in Volt, and is designed for anyone who really wants to embrace the pale. Lots of iridescent sparkles in a pale shimmery base will play up a milky skintone. Expensive at £32 (and you have to buy online), it contains 100ml which helps salve the purse-pain a little
  8. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is one that's found much favour on the blog before - Aphrodite always has a bottle on hand. There's a shimmery version too, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or. Glimmer particles are suspended in a dry oil base, you shake to mix and end up with lovely glowy bits. Yum!

Of course, the skin-finishing idea doesn't need to be relegated to creams, mousses and liquids - you can use powder products too, and I've no doubt we'll be seeing some gems from Estee Lauder's incoming Bronze Goddess summer line as well as newbies from Guerlain, which delivers a fresh helping of Terracotta each year.


Equally of course, some of you are reading this, scratching your heads and thinking, "what is this chick on? I've been doing this for years!" Yup - so have I, having never been a big fan of fake tan. But now we have a name for it, ladies! So, if you've always indulged in a bit of newly-monikered skin finishing, what are your favourite products?

Leave a comment and let the Beaut.ies know - it'll be a public service, eh?

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