We've found the perfect dupe for Kylie Jenner's sold-out favourite lipstick

I don't know what you've been doing this summer (sipping cocktails? Building sandcastles? Hiding from the sun in a cave? Do share!), but I, for one, have been a busy bee going through my wonderful box of makeup delights trying to find you some money saving dupes.

One of this season's must-haves is Mac lipstick in Faux that disappeared from every Mac counter in the blink of a heavily-lashed eye after Kylie "Champion" Jenner was pictured wearing it.


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If only they knew about Gosh.

This week, Gosh - a brand that I am admittedly a little unfamiliar with - sent me a package. Now, I'm not a makeup snob, but I do believe you get what you pay for nine times out of ten, and while Gosh isn't exactly a budget brand, it's not luxury either.



I have to say, though, I was really impressed by what Gosh had to offer. Its 002 Matt Rose lipstick (€10.99)  is the carbon copy of Kylie's fave, Mac Faux €17.50, and it's pretty much half the price.


The top is Gosh and the bottom is Mac. Mac is slightly more creamy in texture and has a satin finish. Gosh is more matte in finish and *bonus* lasts slightly longer throughout the day.



When they are on the lips there is very little difference so Gosh's version well worth the purchase.

Were you queuing at the MAC counters in search for the Kylie like colour?

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