Stick, Crayon, Balm, Gloss: What's Your Lip Colour Go-To?

Lipstick has come a long way. I remember not so long ago (ok, maybe it was longer ago than I care to admit) when lippy was an absolute divil for drying out the lips. One wears lipstick to enhance their lips not to dehydrate them to the point that you resemble someone who has been lost in the desert for a week. But as I said, lipstick has come a long way.

Of course The Stick is not the only method of adding colour to those smackers. Lip glosses are the teenagers choice (and, er, ours again after trying these babies from Elizabeth Arden) and I favour cheap and simple balms from Nivea (Fruity Shine in Watermelon) and Vaseline's Rosy Lips for weekends and work.


Then there are crayons - find out our favourite here. And of course there are those strange markers that are actually like actual markers. So much choice, you guys!

Despite my previous aversion to sticks I was recently introduced to a Shiseido lippy (in Veiled Rouge) and I love it. It's hydrating and the colour last for ages and I like the look of the tube.




So what's on your lips right now? Do you rock a red lipstick or do you rather a slick of gloss? What kind of lip colour do you hate? Have you had any disasters with a certain kind that have put you off forever? Let's hear it in the comments!

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