Stuck On You: Creative Nail Design's Stickey base coat


In the shower the other day, I was busy admiring my lovely unchipped nail varnish when it occurred to me that I couldn't actually remember when I'd applied the stuff. Thinking about it while waiting for my "leave in for 10 minutes" conditioner to work its magic, it dawned on me that it was nearly a week since I'd treated the talons to a bit of attention.

Now, for an at-home paint job to make it through a week unscathed on my nails is pretty much unheard of. Either I'll get bored with the colour and need a change or the nail varnish will chip and flake off - I'm a divil for not using the auld Marigolds if I'm cleaning and am also inclined to use my nails as tools. Can't find that flathead screwdriver? Not to worry, I'll stick a thumbnail in there, sure maybe the screw's a bit loose and I'll be able to twist it out. (For the record, this has never worked.)

The only difference that I could think of between this long lasting DIY manicure and it's doomed predecessors was the base coat. Creative Nail Design's Stickey base coat is soft and a teeny bit tacky and is designed to help colour "grip" the nail to prevent chipping, flaking and peeling while protecting the nail from staining. If its performance on my poor long-suffering nails are anything to go by, this laddie well deserves its spot in In Style's 2007 AND 2008 Best Beauty Buys!


Stickey base coat by Creative Nail Design is €9.75 from HQhair.

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