Sugar Me Ginger Parfait: Don't pour some sugar on me

sugar me

What's the most sickeningly sweet thing you've ever come into contact with in your whole entire life?  Maybe it was one of the below:

  1. A big binge on ten candy flosses when you were a kid (causing you to throw up in your dads car on the way home from the 'amusements.')
  2. Eating a dozen fairy cakes with concrete thick icing at your eighth birthday party?
  3. Also aged eight, stuffing your face with Caffreys Easter Eggs given to you by a "cost conscious" aunt?

If you thought you had a surfeit of sweetness then - well you ain't experienced anything yet.

Now I like a sugar rush maybe more than the next person, so trust me when I say that Sugar Me is DISGUSTINGLY sweet.


The packaging is tweeny and uninspired. And the contents: blugh x 1000.

I picked up the Ginger Parfait Sugar Scrub (€7.50) and the matching shower and bath wash. I couldn't even use them as the smell made me feel ill.  As soon as you open the lid the sugar hits you - and not in a good way.  It hits you over the head like a hammer.

My advice? Keep your money in your pocket and check out some other delicious sugar scrubs instead (some good enough to eat) - or make your own. Unfortunately this Tesco brand ain't striking a blow for Beaut.ienomics. And it isn't even that cheap either. Boo.

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