Tabaiba Hidra Gel: discovery made abroad can stay there

So as I mentioned yesterday I’m in the Canaries (don’t worry I’m coming home today so I won’t annoy you about it any more).  And when I’m away I always pick up a few bits and pieces so I can be amazed at the quality and cheapness of products we can pick up abroad.

This I’m afraid was not one of them.

On the surface Tabaiba Hidra Gel with Aloe Vera + Vino appeared to be the perfect fix for sun exposed skin.  And it only cost around €5 in the supermercado - so I how wrong could I be going?

Highly moisturising Body Gel, antioxidant, refreshing, nourishing, protective emollient regenerator.  Indicated for normal and dry, neglected, battered or aged skin.  Ideal for aftersun exposure, outdoor sports also after waxing and shaving. For a full refreshing experience keep in the refrigerator.”



How many promisises can be contained in one sentence I ask you?  But still it looked great.  Refreshing!  Battered skin!  Aftersun exposure! Ideal after waxing and shaving!  Yes it did sit alongside the SPF4 Carrot Oil on the shelf (HOW is anyone still using that stuff), but still.

I stuck my bottle in the frigiadaire and lashed it on when I got in that evening – after a little too much sun it must be said.  And it was crap – really sticky and non moisturising – there was no way my clothes were going on after that.  Flies innocently whizzing past would be stuck to me -  I would become a human fly paper.  I didn’t like the smell and my skin didn’t look moisturised at all.

I felt so unrefreshed I had to take another shower.

Sticky and gicky.  I didn’t make a good discovery this time.  But I will continue on my quest - I've picked up some really great stuff before - for example snail moisturiser in Spain, makeup in Kuala Lumpar (they do the BEST cosmetics in Asia).

Have you found something great abroad – tell us about it if you have!

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