Tackling Cellulite with Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Anti-Cellulite Oil: Orange Peel-y Bums at the Ready

Alright, so this is a slightly touchy subject. Cellulite is a little bit like stretch marks - some of us feel really embarrassed about it, and we'd very much like for it to go away. Right now.

I have a slight problem with this, because almost all of us have it. If you're wondering whether I've got cellulite (you nosey thing) then you can bet your sweet, orange-peely bum I do.  I' ve recently taken to not being too bothered about it. I mean, almost everyone also has a head. I rarely see anyone on the street pointing at someone else's head, and exclaiming in unadulterated disgust.

After all, if someone else has a problem with your body, it's really their problem, and nothing at all to do with you.

That said, if you don't like your cellulite, and you'd feel more confident if you could improve its appearance, then there ain't nothin' wrong with that.

The Original and Lovely Beauty Oil The Original and Lovely Beauty Oil

This body oil from garnier is a sister product to the entirely glorious Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil, of which we entirely approve (it smells divine). This, however, is an anti-cellulite version.

To the sciency bit! Can anything topical (i.e. any lotion or potion that you rub into your skin) get rid of cellulite? The short answer is this, à la Dick Byrne of Father Ted fame - 'NOOOO!'


Now don't be too hasty, though. Because you see, improving the skin atop the cellulite can make it look less obvious and bumpy, so topical products aren't a complete waste of time.

The best way to tackle cellulite is to get a regime going that tackles it from every angle. Cellulite is just fat (I know, we aren't supposed to have that either, but the pancakes I ate for breakfast were totally worth it). The fat pushes against connective tissue to give the skin on top a dimpled effect.

So, obviously, nothing you rub into your skin will effect what goes on under your skin. However, body brushing can make a significant difference. A cactus brush, available from Boots or The Body Shop, can do wonders. Brush the affected area firmly once a day (brush the skin when it's dry, not wet). This increases blood flow to the area and can really improve the appearance of cellulite. You have to stick with it diligently though!


After brushing, a product like Garnier's Ultimate Beauty Anti-Cellulite Oil is great to moisturise the skin. Newly brushed, the skin will drink it right in. Again, the citrus ingredients (it smells great) stimulate blood flow to the skin, and dry skin shows up cellulite more than moisturised skin. Honeslty though, you can use any body moisturiser you like; the brushing is doing most of the work.

At under nine euro, though, this is a lovely body moisturiser. I'd buy it despite it's claims about cellulite. It's refreshing, non-greasy, and gives legs a fetching summery sheen.

Also, exercising more and toning up the affected areas will really help. That said, I'm thinking about bacon right now, so if brushing is the most you're willing to do, I'm not going to judge.


Are you bothered by any cellulite or could you not care less? And do you use products in an attempt to rid yourself of orange-peel bum?

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