And... the temporary veneers are on: dental makeover #3

Mouth checkup

Dun dun dun. This was the day. This was the hour. The temporary veneers were going on.

First my gums were numbed. I remember having this done and it did hurt in times of yore. But surprisingly all I felt this time was a little pinprick for about two seconds - and then nothing. And both times when the needle went in dental nurse Trisha put a reassuring hand on my arm - I can't tell you how much comfort you get from this. I had stiches when I was a little kid and the only thing I remember about them now was that Mammy held my hand the whole way through. And that's how I knew everything was fine.

Well I'm so Two Thousand and Late thinking it would hurt. "We use a very fine needle and a very small amount of anasthetic for the first shot. Then you don't feel it when we up the dose a bit" said Darren reassuringly.

He was as good as his word. Past those two initial pinpricks I felt absolutely nothing. The composite fillings on my front teeth were removed. I felt nothing. The surface of the teeth were prepared for the temporaries. Again nothing. All the drilling and filing and putting on of new teeth type surfaces and all the rest involved no pain whatsoever.

However it did mean for over an hour I was unable to talk and I didn't like that one bit. While lying with my mouth open I was dying to join in the conversation about giving up bread that was going on. It's too difficult I wanted to utter but had to remain silent. I was gratified when Darren remarked "It's virtually impossible". My words exactly I thought triumphantly. To myself.


After it was all done I had a good look in the mirror. Gone were the beige pair of teeth that I hated so much and in their place are white even gnashers. The front four teeth now look normal, so normal that no one has noticed them believe it or not. When I point it out they say "Oh yeah - knew there was something different but couldn't put my finger on it."

Of course they do feel weird and I can't stop running my tongue over them - but that's because I only got them in yesterday and am not used to them yet.

The temporaries are rock solid and if truth were told I' d be happy to keep them forever. But apparently it will all get even better with the real thing.

Totally thrilled. Roll on the veneers.

My dentist is Dr Darren Cromey at the Walkinstown Dental Clinic

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