The best toning body creams to invigorate you when you feel lazy

Why use just a body cream when you can use body toning creams that tighten and tone your skin at the same time as just moisturising it?

It's a valid question. Why use just a moisturiser when you could be using an invigorating, multi-tasking body cream? Nearly everybody cream I use will have another purpose. It might do as little as add a shimmer to my skin or it might be anti-hair regrowth for my legs. My all-time favourite type of body cream is a body toning cream. I have been relying on these creams for more years than I can remember. Along with fake tan, they are the best thing I have found for making my body look slimmer and tighter.


Payot Sculpt Ultra Performance firming body creams

Payot Sculpt Ultra Performance (available from salons)

You might be skeptical of a body cream that tones your body or tightens your skin and so was I. I have always and still do question their effectiveness but over years of using these creams, I definitely think I have a smoother tush and thigh area than I deserve to have. Considering my lack of exercise and often less than healthy diet, I think I should be cellulite ridden. I'm not saying I have a perfectly smooth butt, just smoother than it should be and I'm putting it down to a hard-working body cream.

This Works

this works legs sculpting cream



This Works Legs Sculpt and Shine €36


Shiseido advanced body creator sculpting creams

Shiseido Advanced Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel €56

These creams aren't miracle workers; they are more like enhancers. Of course, a cream can only do so much. Toning creams use skin firming ingredients like Vitamin C, caffeine and peptides to promote collagen production and boost the circulation of blood to the surface of the skin. They won't make you drop a dress size but they definitely help you on your way to firmer, tighter looking skin.

We do, of course, recommend using these creams in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. But we also fully recommend using a great body toning cream to make yourself feel better after eating a whole tub of Haagen Daaz to yourself, like we do.


Have you any easy tips for a better-looking body?

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