The Dr Hauschka way: don't use nightcream

If you haven't tried Dr Hauschka yet I feel honour bound to introduce you to the range. I'd never used it before a couple of years ago, when I heard two lovely ladies in work discussing its fabulousness.

"Whats this?" I said, immediately tuning in. Oh it's great they enthused. And they told me ALL about Dr Hauschka. About the blushers they can't live without. About the skin creams. About the Neem oil handcream.

And all about the fact that this range is holistic, all natural and cruelty free. Your skin or hair or nails are not treated by simply applying creams or ungents or oils. Instead your mood, the seasons and the way your body works are all taken into account to ensure you are getting optimum benefit from the range.

It's a very different way to treat your skin though - a way which can seem strange to those of us used to tradional skincare regimes . There are seven steps to perfect skin the Dr Hauschka way - and one of the most important of these is: don't use night cream.


Why on earth not? Well this is the explanation:

"While you sleep your skin is actually hard at work regenerating itself, balancing oil production and expelling impurities. Regular application of night creams interferes with these essential tasks, and over time skin becomes less able to care for itself. Covering the skin with moisturizer 24 hours a day sends a signal to sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production, resulting in even drier skin that becomes dependent on moisturizing products just to appear “normal.”

A Dr. Hauschka regimen allows the skin to carry on its important night work. Balanced healthy skin needs nothing more than cleansing and toning before bed. Dr. Hauschka Rhythmic Night Conditioner is a water-based formula infused with rose essential oil and dynamic plant extracts that supports renewal and balances oil production. Use it for 28 days, mirroring and supporting the skin's natural cycle of regeneration to encourage a return to a healthy, balanced complexion."

Those who love Dr Hauschka swear by this system. Go to to find out more about this unique range. Maybe you're already a convert? Me, I LOVE the handcream and the neem oil hair and nail ranges.

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