The foolproof way to get natural looking brows #BenefitBrowClinic

The brow clinic is back for another Thursday of brow-tastic advice. Each week, we'll be answering your brow questions so everyone will be a Cara Delevigne. Or a Kate Moss. Whatever you like!

Benefit has the beauty world at the edge of its seat with the imminent arrival the biggest brow collection ever seen. We've the deets on the jam-packed brow crew here so that you can have your list at the ready when you're at the top of the queue on launch day, June 24th.

Last week, Head Make Up Artist & Brow Expert for Benefit Cosmetics Lisa Potter-Dixon, filled us in on a new product that cold be the key to brow regrowth, and today, from the Las Vegas launch of the new collection, Lisa is advising us on how to get the natural looking, not too 'done' look.


Let us know if you have any other eyebrow dilemmas, we’d love help.

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