Q: Why Do My Nails Hurt When I Take Nail Polish Off? And The Solution Thanks to Essie


Tina Tweeted, @beautie why do my nails always hurt/feel uncomfortable after I remove nail polish? Is this normal?

Have to say, this is a new one on me, and judging by the amount of people who joined in the conversation following Tina's Q on Twitter and then based on my subsequent searches, it seems you're not alone. Checking that she wasn't using an acetone-based nail polish remover, which could have been the culprit, I was stumped. And when I'm stumped, I contact an expert, in this case Mink's Kate Verling, a woman who knows her way around a posh polish or two. Here's what Kate had to say.

"It is always a hard one to pinpoint as acetone is often considered the biggest culprit for causing damage to the first layer of the nail bed. Hence so many people complaining of aching or sore nails when everlasting polish or Shellac is removed." So, what else could it be? "To me that sounds like the polish remover is simply exposing the nail back to its natural state, and it has become a little sensitive," Kate reasoned. "This will only happen when you polish your nails very regularly without a break, or if you are not in the habit of using a good quality base coat." Aha, now we're getting to it.

"The colour pigments present in polishes can seep into the nail causing yellowing and sensitivity. For me, a good base coat is the mecca of keeping nails healthy when polishing regularly!"


If it's the remover that's causing the issue, she's got some good news there too. "There are some excellent natural remover options available now that are using ingredients like eucalyptus oil, to remove polish instead of all those awful chemicals." Try the Essie Naturally Clean range. "Some of the products in the range are pricey," Kate warns, adding, "but I love the mini (€6) and large (€15) removers as they are 100% natural - so no stripping of the nail. Perfect for avid polish fans as I see a big difference when I use it regularly to remove my polish - like everything really!"

So - there you go. Essie products, including basecoats and the Naturally Clean removers are available at Mink salons, www.mink.ie, or online.

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