The Price is Wrong: John Frieda Get it Right

Before Christmas we took a very dim view indeed of beauty brands operating rip-off pricing strategies, and we also looked at some companies who were making efforts to keep prices fair. That was a short post, it's fair to say.

Anyway, credit where credit's due because John Frieda got in touch yesterday to tell me that the brand has now brought down the prices of its products. Good man yourself, John.  All shampoos, conditioners and styling products are now €5.99 while the serums are €6.89 - I don't know what the price for serum was before, but the Sheer Blonde and Go Blonder shampoo and conditioners were €8.49 each for example, so that's a significant reduction. Bravo, I say.


Have you heard of any other price drops recently or noticed you're paying less for your preferred products? Leave a comment and let us know.

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