Social Six braces: the quickest fix


Sounding a little like a manufactured pop band from the nineties, Social Six refers to the six teeth at the front of your mouth that are seen the most when you're talking or smiling.

And so to quickly improve the look of someone's smile fixing these six teeth may be all that is necessary. Social Six braces are not for anyone with much wrong with their teeth to be honest - they're for those of us who have a little wonkieness or slight misalignment. Maybe your teeth were perfect until recently and have begun to crush and move over a little? Social Six braces might suit you then.

They're fast, a real quick fix. The time they take to work is counted in weeks (24), not years or even months.


Six month braces have become incredibly popular - just take a look at this post (and its thirteen hundred+ comments !) and cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular (read my veneer experience here)

So I wonder will the same interest be shown in Social Six braces? I think we can put our money on it.

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