The Toner Conundrum: Should I or Shouldn't I?


We're frequently asked, "should I use a toner", and the answer is, maybe.

Why maybe? Well, it really does depend on your cleansing method and your personal preference. Lets back up a little. Toners were popularised in an era where women used heavy, occlusive products to take off their heavy, occlusive makeup. There was an issue with residue on the face, and so a toner provided that final step to clean, clear skin.

Times have changed, and modern products are very good at removing makeup and leaving no residue - well, all except cleansing wipes, that is. If you're washing your face with an oil, foaming, cream or gel-based cleanser, chances are it's doing the job pretty well. Likewise if hot cloth or muslin cleansing is your choice, you'll find you probably won't need an extra toning step unless you want to add one.


But if you're a fan of cold cream or milk cleansers which you tissue off, then you might like to finish with a toner. I'm never too convinced by these products unless they're washed off, so if you do make toning your final step then just make sure it's an alcohol-free one, like Liz Earle's gentle Instant Boost Skin Tonic.

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