A big fat hurray for theBalm's brand new releases: Foiled Again and Bonnie-Lou

An Knook is a bit of a hero in the makeup world. She was in Ireland last week to launch two new products by theBalm cosmetics and they are both winners.

We were invited to the world exclusive launch of two new products by theBalm last week. An Knook was in town to introduce eyeshadow palette Foiled Again (€34) and the Bonnie-Lou Manizer highlighting powder (€22.50) to the world. I don't know which we were more excited about, seeing An, the Instagram makeup sensation in action, or getting to see the products (before anyone else).




If you check out An Knook on Instagram, you will be treated to a collection of awe-inducing eye makeup looks like this one. She has used the new Foiled Again eyeshadow palette to do this eye makeup along with the famous Schwing liner by theBalm.


In this post, An has used Foiled Again and swatched all the shades. You can see how highly pigmented they are and the shimmery foil shadows compared to the four matte shades.


This is the new highlighter. Now, we all know theBalm are famous for their triple-milled, stunning highlighters. Mary-Lou Manizer has risen to fame over the last few years; this is her sun-kissed golden sister Bonnie-Lou Manizer. Bonnie-Lou does not disappoint. Because they are triple milled for an almost liquid metal appearance on the skin, you have to be careful not to apply too much of the product on your skin. It's easy to apply too much of this product and end up looking like the tin man. But, a little goes a long way so, as long as you don't drop her, Bonnie-Lou Manizer will last you for a long time.

Both new makeup treats are available in Debenhams now.

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