Three 3 Minute Fixes for Naughty Hair

It's summer time and the livin' is easy... but all that livin' takes its toll on your poor gruaige. Even when you expect a glowing, shiny mane that will glisten in the sun (when it eventually shines) the truth is, luscious locks are not always a given.

Even if you are lucky enough to be well endowed in the hair department, damage happens. When you are having a bad hair day, when your hair is not behaving the way you want it too, when your hair simply needs a helping hand, we have three 3 minute fixes that will take your hair to new heights.

  • Beach Waves in a Jiffy

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Sometimes you've just got to fake it. Hair that's misbehaving can be styled and this is the easiest, fastest style for summer waves. Divide almost-but-not-quite-dry hair into two sections. Take one section and divide that into two. Then, twist the sections around each other, hold the end with one hand and blast it with your hair drier with the other hand. Before you release the end, give the twist a quick blast with the cold setting - this helps set the style. Do the exact same thing to the other side. Run your fingers through and ta-da, easy breezy beach waves!

  • Overnight Hair Makeover



This is a two step trick, but it works. If you are pretty sure you are going to have a hair dilemma like, tomorrow, and know you won't have time to wash give your hair the attention it needs the next morning, this is a quick fix that starts the night before. It begins with dry shampoo - it's not just an unwashed hair refresher, it's great for adding oomph too, and high hair gives the illusion of  fresh hair. By spraying a generous amount into your hair just before you go to sleep (and not brushing through), it works its magic as you sleep. You wake up with refreshed hair - and no white residue because you have tossed and turned it out.

The next step is washing only the front part of your hair. You don't have to wet it in the shower, just shampoo it over the sink, it will take less than a minute. Just make sure to keep the rest of your dry shampooed hair pinned back! Drying will take another minute, styling another few seconds (in case you need to straighten out a cow-lick, spritz with more dry shampoo for volume or serum the ends) and there you have it, spruced up hair. Crisis averted!

  • Hassle Free Up-Do


If you are as tired of putting your hair in a high bun when it simply can't be worn down or when it's a day or two since you washed it, you will appreciate this three minute Gibson-roll style do. All you will need are two head bands that have a bit of give, some hair grips and hair spray. Use headband 1 to keep the front part of your hair back (like you would use one to keep hair off your face when you are applying makeup) and put the other on festival-style, around your head.

In one inch sections, start tucking your hair into the band around your head and pulling right through so that the ends hang down. Once you have gone round the whole head, roll the hanging hair up into itself and then into the band so that all of the hair is tucked. Secure with a few hair grips, give a blast of hairspray, pull the front part of the band that's around your head on top of the one pushing your hair back at the front and you have a pretty up-style that looks like you made an effort but only took three minutes to do.


There’s no need to let not-so-hot-hair ruin your summer!

These quick fix tips for summer hair lovin’ were brought to you by Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor, the hair product that’s more than just a quick fix. Using a special formula that includes Australian Balm Mint, it works at replenishing moisture. Apply it to clean, wet hair and leave it for 3 minutes while it repairs the look of damage, adds shine and reduces tangling.

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