3 perfect lipsticks for work you can apply without a mirror

For those mornings when you're running behind, you're tired, and you feel like a zombie, a good lipstick colour can be just the thing to brighten up your face.

My idea of the perfect everyday lipstick to wear to work is a colour that's easy to wear and easy to apply, so you don't need to be faffing about with lip pencils and a lip brush. In fact, I don't even want to have to use a mirror. I want to freehand it, blind and be confident I won't get off the train looking like the joker.

It needs to be a real all-rounder; texture is important too. Something that won't dry out your lips is a good choice. We're talking about rush hour in the mornings here, so there's a good chance there is not a scrap of any other makeup on my face yet. So be warned: there are lots of dangerous lip colours to put on when you have no makeup on that will definitely make you look worse. A red tone can pick up the redness in your cheeks and eyes. If it's too brown, you can look a bit dead. Too pink and you'll just look a bit crazy and inappropriate for work.

These three are lipsticks I wear all the time because they meet all the aforementioned criteria. They are all in the same colour band, a sort of nude pinky-brown shade that will suit all lip colours and all skin tones. We have a lipgloss, a moist lipstick and a matte lipgloss in the mix. You can choose accordingly depending on how dry your lips are at any one time.


NOTE Cosmetics Mattemoist Lipgloss in Matkiss €7.95


the balm read my lips Grrr

The Balm Read My Lips Lipgloss in Grrr €14.50

MAC Modesty work lipsticks

MAC Modesty €20.00

Whats your go-to makeup item in the morning time?

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