Here are three reasons why you need to be eating carrots for your skin

Carrots, like most veggies can do wonders for your health. Your skin benefits from eating carrots too. Carrots treat your skin from the inside out.

'It's what's inside that counts' is not just a saying that applies to people, it applies to skin health too. It's important to treat your skin from all angles. You need to support it from the inside and not just with the creams you apply topically. What you fuel your body with can make a huge difference to your skin. You need to feed your skin from the inside and we promise it will show on the outside. Just like when you eat too much chocolate or sugar in general you get breakouts, if you eat lots of vitamin rich vegetables you'll see a positive difference on the surface.

Carrots are healing

Eating fresh organic foods will make a huge difference to your skin. Whether you just want to get your skin to glow or you suffer with acne or psoriasis, a positive change in your diet will make a difference. Carrots in particular will do a few things for your skin. The general health benefits are astonishing and they do a lot just for your skin. Carrots are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C has great healing properties. It helps to brighten your complexion and reduce inflammation in the skin. It's healing properties will help to heal any external wounds or damage to your skin evenĀ  just from old spots. It helps scars to heal quickly and reduces the markings left behind.

Carrots are anti-ageing


Carrots are also rich in vitamin A, the wonder vitamin also known as Retinol. If you haven't heard of Retinol yet you may have been living under a rock. It's all the rage in the skincare world because of it's ability to speed up collagen production and slow down the ageing process. Vitamin A is also found in sweet potatoes spinach and kale so a diet rich in all of those ingredients will be good for keeping the wrinkles to a minimum.

Carrots protect you from the sun

Carrots are rich in beta carotene which will actually help increase your skins natural protection from the sun. So eat carrots all summer long whether you are trying to getĀ  a healthier tan or you simply want all the sun protection you can get.

Do you consider your diet as part of your skincare?

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