Three Stylish Ways to Support Paint It Pink Campaign for Breast Cancer

I popped over to the Irish Cancer Society's HQ in Dublin yesterday for the launch of their new campaign to raise funds in the fight against breast cancer. And they have some very big plans.

BREAST-PREDICT, a collaboration between experts in breast cancer nationwide, has been devised to work long term to make a difference to women with breast cancer. They aim to create a national breast cancer biobank and database so that they can track the details and outcomes of patients long term. They also want to study how previous medications might affect breast cancer outcomes in the hopes of eventually better understanding breast cancer and developing new treatments.

This all sounds great, and we're all aware of the sterling work that the Irish Cancer Society do. They can't do any of this without help, though, so they've come up with a new fundraising campaign, Paint It Pink.

Basically, this October 3rd, the Irish Cancer Society are asking you to have a little bit of pink in your life, and spread the word via social media before making a donation by text. You can literally 'paint it pink' if you like. That's what the folks at the Irish Cancer Society have done - you'll see their freshly painted bright pink doors at their Dublin HQ if you pass by!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.00.44 PM

So you can paint your nails pink, or paint your house pink! You can have a 'wear pink to work day', bake a pink cake, dye your hair pink, or do any pink thing you can think of!

If you don't feel like being too out there, you can buy and wear a pink breast cancer ribbon this October 3rd. Breast Cancer has far-reaching consequences which affect everyone, so the Irish Cancer Society want the men of Ireland to get involved too! This one isn't just for women. Wear a pink tie, paint your toenails pink or head to the attic and whip that pink tuxedo you wore in '86 out of the wardrobe. They said you'd never wear it again, but who looks ridiculous NOW? And it doesn't MATTER that it's so snug the waist button flicked off and hit a child in the eye in the frozen food aisle of Tesco, because you, sir, are a HERO.

And look, we are aware that there may be a spot of gender stereotyping going on here, which is all the more reason for male rugby players everywhere to tote pink fingernails. Normally, we might find the stereotype a touch annoying, but this is too good a cause, so we're staying positive!


And in the true tradition, we insist on staying stylish while we paint it pink, so here are our sartorial and beauty suggestions!


This Federica Fluffy Top from Coast (€55) is a cute and snug way to paint it peachy pink this October.


Or if you're in more of a hot pink mood, this Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Pink Pong (€12.49) is just the ticket.


And finally, if the weather gets iffy, you can still paint it pink! This cosy Pink Collared Coat from Penneys is just €30.


Will you be painting it pink this October 3rd? And don't forget to donate!

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