Three things you can do to reverse skin ageing

It can be quite disconcerting to notice the lines appearing on your face. Here are three things you can do to reverse skin ageing.

With each decade that passes new skin concerns arise. In your twenties your skin was youthful and bouncy. Your cheekbones were so sculpted they barely needed contouring. Your biggest concern was the odd spot appearing a the wrong time. Spots appearing at the wrong time are a terrible inconvenience but the thing is they go away. The lines that begin to show up when you hit 30 - do not go away. We have some tips to minimize your skin ageing.

skin ageing

It's like they appear overnight and when you wake up on your 30th birthday, boom! There they are. Frightening lines and wrinkles. It feels as if your skin becomes thinner, slightly less bouncy and a little crêpe-like all of a sudden. For some reason you don't notice it happening gradually. When you do notice it it's a terrible realisation. There are a few things you can do to slow the process. You can't fully reverse the process but you can slow the progression of signs of ageing and make them less apparent.

Upgrade your skincare

Supermarket bought skincare just won't cut it when it comes to anti ageing. When you hit 30 and forever onwards you will need to use something with the best ingredients to keep your skin as young as possible. Cosmeceuticals are a good investment. They are more than just creams and lotions. They are a cross between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, like medicine for your skin. You need to watch out for active ingredients like AHAs, BHA's, Retinol and vitamins that can change skin cells.


Get a Consult

Your skin now needs its own consultant. As the largest organ in your body it should be given an important status. Like you see a doctor for all your other ailments, your skin needs professional advice too. A professional skincare consultant will analyse your skin and recommend the best treatment for your skin. Chemical peels or dermal needling are often highly recommended for anti ageing. You should try to have a course of treatments a couple of times a year.

Regular at-home facials

Whether you can get to a clinic for skin treatments or not, giving yourself facials at home will keep your skin healthy. They are a cheap way to take care of your skin. There is an initial investment to get the products you need. The products will last a few months and you'll get weekly facials from them. My favourite at home facial consists of a double cleanse, glycolic acid treatment, followed by a Vitamin A serum and an overnight mask.

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