3 ways to up your beauty game without spending a penny

Old-fashioned tricks to up your beauty game: do these three things every day to become your fitter, healthier more glowing self

We have all heard of all the old-fashioned remedies like homemade hair and face masks, exfoliators and bathing in milk, but it's hard to know which ones actually work and are worth the hassle. We have tried and tested these three ways to up your beauty game and they have our seal of approval.

Wash your face with cold water

It's not pleasant, especially first thing in the morning but I find this really works. Cold water on your skin will have a toning and tightening effect on your skin. This should be the last step in your cleansing routine. You need to wash your skin with warm water and your usual cleanser first. This will heat the skin, open the pores and remove all dirt and makeup debris. Once your skin is clean then use cold water and a bit of stamina, to splash your face and tighten your pores. I have done this all my life and it really makes your skin feel supple and toned.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 'the mother' every day

This is another miracle supplement you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard for cooking. It has amazing health benefits and will help clear up things like nail fungus, stomach infections and it helps your body's natural fat busting process by controlling your blood sugar levels. If you suffer from bad breath, apple cider vinegar is a great remedy for that too, it will even whiten your teeth if you gargle with it. I will admit, though, it tastes positively foul. I find it pretty tough to knock back a tablespoon of the stuff. If you really can't take it straight, mix it with water or even a smoothie to dull the acidic taste.

Drink a cup of hot lemon water every morning

At least this one isn't vile and traumatising. Simply swap your (first) cup of coffee for a cup of hot water with lemon. I was always advised to do this when I joined Weight Watchers or Slimming World and I have always found it really helps with weight loss. It will aid digestion by keeping food moving through the digestive system and even helps with IBS. You also get a little vitamin C boost from lemon water to give your immune system a little boost.

Have you got any natural, free beauty tricks that work?

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