Tom Ford's Black Orchid... I'm addicted - But am I wearing it or is it wearing me?

I’m in love with Tom Ford. The man, the lippie… the man.

I also love his iconic Black Orchid scent. Its sexy and expensive and masculine. Just look at that body, i mean bottle... aHEM. I’ve had a lot of ‘What perfume are you wearing? since I got my grubby paws on it... still talking about the bottle unfortunately.

Mr. Ford had a special new strain of orchid created expressly for this scent. (Sure why wouldn’t you?)
It’s woody, spicy and floral and so intense I only really need two spritzes of it. Good news, as it’s a bit on the pricey side at €61 per 30ml bottle.

I’m not great at identifying perfume notes, and to be honest a lot of scents smell a bit samey to me. But this is like no other fragrance I have ever worn. I genuinely swoon when I smell it.




I am in love, but there’s something about Black Orchid that’s making me feel like a fragrance fraud. I catch the scent and think ‘Ooh, someone smells sexy and mysterious!’Then I realise that someone is me. Hmmm.

So I smell alluring and expensive, even when nipping to the shops, but I’m neither of those things. I’m living a lie.
Maybe it’s the fact that when I really like a perfume, I want to wear it every single day to every single occasion. I know I’m supposed to be changing it up according to mood and occasion. But I suffer from an incredible short attention span, and tend not to think about these things in great detail.

It's only when I'm halfway through my dentists appointment I realise my smelling all enticing really doesn't matter to the middle aged man doing my scale and polish.

In the case of Black Orchid it’s such a rich, dense sort of scent that it felt a bit out of place all Summer. Maybe now that the weather’s turning colder and the nights are drawing in it’ll seem more fitting.

Maybe I just need to ration it for special/mysterious occasions and evenings only?


Have you got a scent you love so much that you can't stop wearing it?

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