Top [email protected] From The Beaut Vault: In the Navy

It's Alexa Chung's favourite colour, it's flattering and it can be worn with black. It always reminds us of that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie and Co. indulge in Fleet Week frolics. Remember that one?

So, today we have plucked four fab articles from the Beaut archives to get back to the dark(ish) side. It's navy time!



First we have a step by step 'blue eyed girl' tutorial that turns us all into blue eyed girls!




Staying with the eye theme, we spoke about how navy eyeliners can be less harsh than its big brother black, and we gave some classic examples for you to add to your collection. 



Not all of the pieces we showcased in this fashion post from last year are still in shops, but the wisdom imparted by our regular stylist does not go out of style!




We spied a whole lotta blue on this red carpet, but doesn't this denim jumpsuit sported by Michelle Williams look like the most comfortable thing you could wear to an event?

What's your take on navy? Does the colour feature in your wardrobe or in your makeup bag? Would you ever pair it with black?

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