3 matte eyeshadow palettes that really deliver

There's no denying that when it comes to the weekend, a bit of shimmer and shine look great on the dance floor. 

For day to day, though, matte eyeshadows are ideal for creating a polished look that is also work appropriate. Here are a few of our favourite matte eye shadow palettes that have everything you need in one handy place. From neutral shades to silky formulas, we've got your covered.

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette €47.50

I picked this up recently at the airport and am so delighted that I did because it's such a good all rounder palette. Bare in mind that's coming from me, a makeup artist who has eye shadows coming out of my ears at this stage.

Every shade in the Naked Ultimate Basics is wearable, you won't find any "filler" here. Each shade is also properly matte, offering good pigment that is easy to blend from a wash of colour to a more opaque finish.

  • Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes €45

This cleverly designed palette from Smashbox offers up more than just a set of beautiful eyeshadows. The silky shadows can be used dry (as normal) or wet if you want to intensify the colours for a stronger finish. The neutral tones mean that they can be used a highlighter/contour while the deeper browns/blacks can double up as eyebrow powder or eyeliner. The softer pinks can even work as blushers too.

  • ELF Mad for Matte Eye Shadow Palette €10


Something that always annoys me a little is the lack of good matte shadows available on the high street. Thankfully though, E.L.F come to the rescue with their Mad for Matte palette, (soon to be available in Ireland!) so if you're looking for something affordable, pop this on the ol' wish list (alternatively you can try online).

In it, you'll find ten matte shadows in neutral tones that will take you from day to night.

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