Top travel tips to never experience packing panic again

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You pack up the entire boot of the car with things you might need when you're only going on a weekend trip to Galway, but you leave your makeup bag behind when you go to Berlin for a week and are only bringing a carry-on. Packing for your holidays is hard.

Leaving aside the fact that forgetting your makeup bag is a perfect opportunity to stock up on nice things in the Duty-Free, packing doesn't actually have to be such a chore. You just have to be smart about it. This doesn't mean hiring a packing expert (they exist), it's just about taking a little time to think.

With these tips, you'll never experience packing panic ever again.


  • Take outfits you like and wear regularly

There's no point in shopping for special holiday clothes; wearing clothes you're not used to will only make you feel uncomfortable. Save some room in your bag, if you like, to add something new instead. Who knows what gem you might pick up in a little boutique in Capri?

To save even more space, pack your clothes in vacuum compression bags. Don't forget to roll them before packing them in, to prevent creasing. Pack your undies and socks in your shoes.

  • Decant your cosmetics

Samples, samples, samples, people. Visit your makeup counter and ask for a sample of your favourite perfume and your foundation; those little bottles can last for up to ten applications.

The little travel cases you can get in discount stores are worth using too. Isn't it the worst when you arrive at your destination and the bathroom only has hair and body shampoo? *shiver* Which reminds me, don't forget your travel toothpaste.


travel bag and chair

  • Minimise your skincare routine

A proper skincare routine is important, we all know that, but you cannot possibly bring every lotion and potion you possess when your off on your holibobs. Also, who wants to spend precious holiday time taking off their makeup at night and prepping their skin in the morning? Instead, take the handy Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 125ml travel bottle and a quarter bag of cotton pads. It's been specially designed for travel, so your quick, easy, effective cleansing routine is sorted.


  • Separate your essentials

It's not just clothes we have to pack these days; it's things, all the niggly, annoying but essential things. Avoid wires getting tangled and keys or medication getting lost by placing them in individual ziplock bags.

Have a separate bag for the things you won't need until when you return: keys, bus tickets, that sort of thing, and take a few spare, in case you pick up new things, and if all the plastic bags at the airport are gone. It happens.

At the end of your holiday, make a list of what you brought, the things that you used and things that you could have left behind. Keep it in your suitcase, so next time, packing will be easier than ever.

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