Trend on Trial: Retro Almond Shaped Nails


PS: These are not Lynnie's nails - phew

You can't have failed to notice that an exaggerated almond shape is firmly in vogue at the minute where nails are concerned. They were all over the AW11 catwalks, magazine shoots are currently full of them, and every nail-loving celebridee worth their salt is now sporting this modern take on the classic retro nail shape.

While I usually favour a very practical short squoval shape, lately I've been itching to try this look. When not taken to the clawed extreme pictured above (think Dita Von Teese rather than Goldie from X Factor) it's classy and elegant and can help stubby digits appear elongated, which is always a bonus! So recently I let my nails grow a bit longer than normal and filed them to a soft, not-too-pointy point. At that stage, I had to promptly get some nail polish on them, because it turns out that this nail shape looks really, really odd naked on my hands.


I enjoyed a whopping four days of lovely long oval nails before tragedy struck. Not being used to their longer length, I managed to break two nails in rapid succession as I was making the bed and that, I'm afraid, was the end of that. They were all filed back down to nubbins quicker than you could say "NOOOOOooOOOO!"

They did look deadly while they lasted, and I'd definitely wear my nails in this shape again. Just as soon as I win the Lotto and no longer have to do my own household chores.

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