Tweezers No More: We Look at HD Brows, Embrowdery and Threading

From a young age I was always playing around with my mother's makeup. My teens saw a drastic amount of pharmacy bought hair colours, which dyed my hair a never-desired orange. And once I hit my twenties, living without fake tan was a big no no.

But the one thing I never touched were my eyebrows. My granny's advice, even throughout my beauty college days, was to never let anyone near my lovely brows. She would repeat it like a mantra - if the beautician makes a mistake they will never grow back. And God love her, she had to reason to be wary - she had not a hair in sight.

And seeing the trend change in the past few years, I am only delighted I never opted for the skinny look of the 90’s. But if you were one of those who went down the Pamela Anderson 'brows are for losers' road, we are here to help get you into eyebrow rehabilitation with these three methods.

  • Threading

via The Body Shop via The Body Shop

This treatment where unwanted hairs are plucked out by using a twisted cotton thread. For me, I see it as a cleaner finish rather than plucking and less harsh to the skin than waxing. For anyone who just wants tidy brows, threading is the way to go as it’s inexpensive, untimely and lasts a lot longer than just plucking.

  • HD Brows

HD brows wear Helen Flanagan HD brows wear Helen Flanagan

This craze has taken over the beauty world in the last few years and it still confuses people. High Definition Brows are simply a combination of all methods together. It involves a highly skilled technician that assesses your face shape and colouring. Their aim is to achieve the perfect brow that’s right for you involving tinting, waxing, threading and powder application.

The Scouse Brow put The Fear into the hearts of eyebrow'd people everywhere. But they certainly aren't all that harsh A set of HD brows will cost you in and around €40, but will last months.

  • Embrowdery

Anyone who has pretty much invisible brows knows how time consuming it is in the morning to have to whack on a pair that are even, natural and not all over the shop. They say your brows are sisters not twins. They will never be identical but achieving a good shape all by yourself to a naked eyebrow at 7am just ain't my cuppa tea.

The 7am eyebrow face The 7am eyebrow face


If you are part of this constant battle, Embrowdery may just be for you. It is a semi-permanent method whereby fine strokes are penetrated into the skin for a hair-like finish. A metal hand tool is placed on the surface of the skin and gently moved up and down to flow pigment, using various lining and shading techniques. Embrowdery only penetrates the top layer of the skin so there is no use of a tattoo machine or vibrating needles.

If you for some reason don’t like your result, not to worry as they will eventually wear away with exfoliation. I cannot believe some of the results I have seen. 'Tis a pricey enough treatment at around €200. Though it might be a good idea to ask Santa for it this year if you are a serious brow seeker?


Are eyebrows a constant nightmare for you? Would you dare to try Embrowdery? What are your top tips on brow grooming? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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