Twitter Just Loved Katy Perry's 'Burning Man' Segway Fail

The internet loves when people fall off things, so can you imagine if Katy Perry had properly fallen off a Segway? Twitter would've exploded.

Headlines such as "Katy Perry Eats Dirt on a Segway", and "Katy Perry Falls off Segway" have been doing the rounds since, however, the below video - which Perry herself posted to Instagram - sees the singer make more of a graceful dismount before applauding the segway for winning their battle of wills.

See? All very tame. Twitter was very enthused regardless.


And what everyone else is thinking (just me?)...


Has anyone ever been to Burning Man? Is it 'an experience of a lifetime', or 'MURDER trying to get dust out of your hair after three days of sandstorms'?

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