This overnight mask is the ultimate at home anti-ageing treatment

If your skin is looking tired and dull and your fine lines and wrinkles are very apparent, it's time to turn to an overnight mask that works.

This Image Ageless Overnight Mask is very active and will actually make a difference to your skin. It's got the magic ingredient you hear us talking about all the time - retinol. Retinol - otherwise known as Vitamin A - has endless advantages for your skin. It speeds up the natural exfoliation process and promotes collagen renewal within your skin. (Collagen is what keeps our skin elasticated and looking young.) Once our collagen stores begin to dwindle, we need to do everything we can to hold onto them.

What is different about this retinol mask is the delivery system. By that I mean the way that it is absorbed into your skin. The retinol in the Image Ageless mask is encapsulated in water. Usually, it is within an oil rather than a water-based product. Water is absorbed more slowly into your skin than an oil so it will penetrate all of the layers of your skin. This slow release shouldn't irritate your skin as retinol often does. It will smooth, brighten and resurface your skin taking care of all the natural signs of ageing.

Image ageless overnight mask

Image Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Mask €89.50

You can use the mask up to three times a week. However, if you aren't used to using a retinol-based product we recommend starting off slowly to see how your skin reacts to the retinol. Try using it just once a week for a couple of weeks, then twice a week working your way up to every other day.

Ideally, you should visit a professional salon or clinic for a treatment using the Image products. Let the skin experts recommend whether this is right for your skin. Then you can use this as your at-home after treatment. If you are confident in using retinol-based products you can buy this little miracle here.


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